Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("Xuerong Biotechnology") was founded in 1997. After 15 years of development, it has developed from a traditional fresh vegetables planting and processing exporter into a modern biological agriculture enterprise.
A group company of edible fungi that concentrates "Research, Production & Marketing" Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Xuerong Biotechnology) is a modern bio-agricultural enterprise that is based on modern biotechnology and produces agricultural products in the way of industrialization. The company is integrated with "Research, Production & Marketing"
Enoki Enoki It also named "wisdom-conducive mushroom" and "wisdom-increasing mushroom", which is rich in nutrition such as protein, dietary fibers. Featuring nutrition and delicacy, it can effectively enhance body life activity and facilitate internal Enoki Brown-Shimeji Its scientific name is Hypsiygus marmoreus with a unique flavor of crab. The mushroom has tender quality and good texture, which is the reason why it is so popular among customers. The product is rich in various amino acids
Enoki King Oyster Mushroom has a wonderful savory flavor, a firm, meaty texture, and an amazing shelf life. Chefs in some of the country's finest restaurants have remarked on its versatility and will often use it in place of wild mushrooms. Enoki White-Shimeji The product is white all over and crystal clear, providing with you a brand new visual effect. The mushroom is a tasteful rare delicacy for its crispness and freshness with sweet and delicious flavor.
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